Metal Fabrication

In addition to providing custom wiring looms, reproduction parts and restoration services we are also assisting restorers with a number of metal products such as floor pan, sill kits, and special parts. For more details please contact us.

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Update: AR*381173 – Metal Repairs (2/1/2013) - The extensive metal repair process has begun.    
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Update: AR1495*F04695 – Sheet Metal Repairs (7/21/2011) - As stated on the 06611 post, I am starting to move on into the spider veloce and work continuity is seamless.  As suspected, the few small pinholes on the rockers were a clear indication of some rust treatment required inside … Continue reading
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Update: AR1493E*06611 – Trunk Floor (2/13/2011) - All of the wiring harness work, the unusual Texas cold winter and other family and business affairs  have been keeping me from maintaining steady progress on Sprint 06611 sheet metal work. Removing, making a trunk floor from a flat sheet of metal, and … Continue reading
Update: AR1493E*06611 – Trunk Lid Lower Frame Support (1/20/2011) - Here are some photos for the trunk lid lower frame support as we repair the old one and make a template for the ones in the future. Next will be the trunk  floor to be made.
Update: AR1493E*06611 – Rear Metal Work (1/19/2011) - We continue to make headway on E06611 and as of last weekend most of all the vehicle’s rear metal work has been completed.  We had to cut the lower section of the trunk lid and replace it with a new … Continue reading

6 Responses to Metal Fabrication

  1. Diego Grados says:

    Hi Lionel
    I’m from Peru, and I have a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce (101 Series). There is one part missing in my car, and that is the Air intake Box that connects to the Heater, located behind the front right light. Is that a piece you can fabricate??

    • aisllc says:

      Hello Diego,

      I provably can do better! Let me check but, I believe that I might have a spare heater unit available. If not, I can make one. Also, note that I have a number of reproductions parts for sale listed under the AIS Store front. Regards, Lionel

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Lionel and greetings from Australia.
    Further to our email correspondence, please let me know sometime whether it is possible to have the rear cross-member/chassis rail sections and the rear valance fabricated.
    Kind regards,
    PS: I am also interested in your reproduction toolkits and leather straps for the toolkit/folding top.

    • aisllc says:

      Hello Chris,

      We are about to finish Giulietta Spider 171268 and will take some time of from cars so that we can complete a number of requests for metal fabrications like yours and others. I do have a couple of tool kits left and will set aside one for you. Remember, that earlier Giuliettas are the black anodized sets and the 101 the cadmium plated sets.


  3. Chris says:

    Thanks again Lionel. I appreciate your help.
    I’ve been following your latest rebuild – as usual, fantastic work.

  4. Chris says:

    PS: My car is a 1957 model, so is an early 750 (1495 01440)


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