Update: AR*171268 – Nearing Final Metal Repair

The 1961 Giulietta Spider 171268 is moving with amazing rhythm and speed.  As of today, the cabin floors, trunk floor and all structural components are nearly completed.

Of course, not including some of the outer sheetmetal work already done.  With luck, and weather permits, we hope to have all the metalwork done by the end of January.

Considering that this vehicle had to be nearly reconstructed where we fabricated all the panels at our shop it would be fair to say that this has been good progress.

We fabricated the floor pans so that they can be inserted above the original sill structural support.

Once installed, we make the final fitting and cut prior to the final welding.

Here, we can see the completed floor welded in place where all panels are fabricated in house using a template.

Lastly, we epoxy the floors once work is completed.

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