Effective January 1st, 2023, There will be a 15% on all of our products due to the increasing prices of materials, primarily the cost of copper.

Each wiring harness brings peace of mind that only comes from a level of craftsmanship spanning decades. 

A certificate of authenticity, a laminated wiring diagram, and a personal level of support also accompany each loom purchased.


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Ferrari **
1951 212 $3,585.00
1951 212 (Race Car) $3,585.00
1951 166 $3,585.00
1953 250 MM $3,885.00
1953 340 MM $3,885.00
1956 410 $3,885.00
1956-57 410 Super America $3,885.00
1957 250 GT Boano Bodied (with Simple Turn Signal System) $3,885.00
1958 250 S-1 Spyder CK $3,885.00
1958 250 GT S-1 Cabriolet $3,885.00
1958 250 GT Ellena (High Roof Boano) $4,085.00
1960 250 SWB (1 4-Pos & 1 6-Pos Fuse Bds.) $4,000.00
1960 250 Couple & GT PF Cabriolet Series 2 $4,000.00
1963 & 1964 250 Lusso $4,100.00
1965 GTB/C $4,100.00
1966 330GT 2+2  (additional $300 for Power Window) $4,100.00
1967 330 GTC   (additional $300 for Power Window) $4,100.00
1967 330GT 2+2 Second Series $4,100.00
275 GTB $5,700.00
275 GTB $5,700.00
Daytona (Fixed Headlights) and Popup Headlights $Inquire
Ferrari Dino Series $Inquire

**All Harnesses will be returned upon request at customer expense.

NOTE:   All wiring harnesses are guaranteed to the original pattern either on hand or by the wiring harness provided by the customer.

Wiring Harness Refund Limited to any of the following:

  • Any wiring harness damaged, soiled, altered, or assembled is not refundable.
  • Any wiring harness that has been deemed “Used” is not refundable.
  • Any wiring harness custom-built with modifications to fit a particular application. Example: Alternator Conversions,  Anything added/modified that was not factory original or not part of the provided wiring harness by the customer are not refundable.
  • Any wiring harness that is a limited or single reproduction is not refundable.
  • Any wiring harness built for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and all Limited Production Vehicles, Is not refundable.
  • The original purchaser can only return harnesses.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please ask about non-returnable Core Harness requirements on all models.

For clients who want us to make and install a new board, there is a $660 charge for Ferrari 250 GT and 330 GTC fuse panel restoration and installation. Later models, $750 installation of customer-provided fuse panels.

Fuse panel cleaning and restoration services can be provided at additional cost on a case-by-case basis.

Photos Ferrari
Ferrari 330 GTC wiring loom
Ferrari 330 GTC wiring loom

Our wiring looms are made to match the original Ferrari wire loom in every detail.

Full view of a 330 GTC Ferrari wire loom

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  1. Klaas says:

    can you make a cable for an F40 from dash to rear and the cable for the engine to the computer greeting K email

    • aisllc says:

      Hello Klaas,

      I could but not without the original on hand. Is this is something were you could provide the original part with a wiring diagram?


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