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The Giulietta Inspection Light

Over the years, conversations regarding the infamous Giulietta Series cars Fuse Board Inspection Service light remains the much talked about a mystery.  The reasons Why? is beyond my scope and comprehension and I do not want to engage in speculative theories. … Continue reading

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Alfa Romeo 2600 Zagato Old and New Wiring

Albeit, I have been exceedingly  busy with the diverse tasks of work ranging from wiring harnesses, metal fabrication, moving the wiring harness shop to our 12,000 sf facility, perpetual task of organizing the facility, tool kit reproductions as well as … Continue reading

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The wiring installation process

Although I have been making wiring harness since my college days or just about 27 + years, I have only had managed to personally install around 10 during that period. Installing a new wiring harness on a Giulietta is simple … Continue reading

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