Downsizing and starting to sell many of my parts.

As I continue my progression with the assembly of five cars from my existing collection that I have been assembling I am starting to see what I need to keep and what will go as I make headway. Amongst the parts that will be available will be included in this post and will be updated on a regular basis. Additional details and photos will be provided upon requests.



Giulia TI instruction Booklet re-print $20.00

Alfa Romeo Boattail Boot Cover never used. $300.00

Big Top Weber 45DCOE with two progressive holes in excellent conditions. Giulia TI Super, GTA, When I opened them up for review shows all new parts. I assume these were rebuilt and placed on a shelf.

Giulietta \/Giulia 101 Headlight rims Reproduction. $110/pair New




SS Hood skin Factory NOS. This is a dealer item from parts I purchased many years ago. Price is $1,000.00 *****SOLD****

Giulietta/Giulia 750 & 101 series cars front cross-members $335.00 Unlike many out there these are correct fit and are sold in two pieces. The one-piece units are almost impossible to install. Take it from the one who knows.

The complete reproduction of factory sill kit for 101 Spider. Price at $1,700.00. This kit provides lightweight and strength as originally intended when they rolled out of the factory. Other suppliers either use the wrong configuration or the wrong steel gauge for these.

Giulietta Spider 750 – early 101 with small taillights. NOS factory part. Rare. $2000. This is the kind of part that not even the very best panel beater or metal shop cannot replicate for the price.

Alfa Romeo 2nd Series Giulietta Sprint front and rear fenders both passenger side. Price at $400.00 each.

Alfa Romeo 1900 Series cars, Ferrari, other models… Front side indicators, NOS 

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 1st Series models. NOS Rare parts POA No panel beater or shop can replicate this factory stamped parts at nearly the same price.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750 Veloce series cars. These are the correct tools for the cars that were equipped with the 40dco3 Webers. I only have a limited supply and once they are gone there will be no more sets to offer. Price at $550.00 plus shipping. NO LONGER AVAILABLE



Alfa Romeo 102 Series Car 1958 – 1962. Excellent like new condition re-cored on ca continuous flow copper comb. Priced at $650 plus shipping.  *******SOLD******

GTA series Cold air box Priced at $750.00

Weber 40dcoe set as shown in the photo. POA

101 Series 112 1600cc block. Priced at $2,200. ****SOLD*****

750 Veloce block priced at $3,500 plus shipping

Veloce series 750 block unmarked used. Priced at $3,000 plus shipping

Excellent reproduction of a 1900 Series car Toolkit Roll Price is $165.00 free shipping within the USA ****SOLD OUT*****

Giulietta Toolkit Roll excellent original reproduction. Top toolkit roll is original lower roll is my reproduction. Priced at $165.00 free shipping within the US. ONLY 5  available

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