Full steam ahead Skipper!!!!

It will be hard to explain where we are with this car before I give a proper introduction of what was needed to bring this car to where it is today.

I purchased the remnants of this shell for $100 that otherwise would have gone to the crusher. Many seemed puzzled about my purchase and my motivations. For me, the answer was simple. I have laying around everything I needed to complete the car. Additionally, the car would serve as a platform for our ongoing efforts to test the panels we fabricate. We even went as far as fabricating a Celete like Bench so that we can sit the car thus ensuring that all the structural supports we have either fabricated or replaced will fit within the proper tolerances.

Thus, far, not including the additional efforts we have gone through getting to this point has been at the three months mark. And we are starting to notice the significant improvements. That said, this goes to prove that every car is potentially salvageable at any level. Additional consideration must be clear by the owners that they should be fully cognizant at what expense should they go into before they dive into the financial and emotional abyss. For me, this about having fun and staying busy where the financial considerations have been removed from the equation. Additional photos can be viewed HERE






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