The Alfa Romeo 105 Series Toolkit

Here is an example of a 105 Series Alfa Romeo Toolkit circa 1965 – 1969. This toolkit is based on toolkit samples I have acquired over the years and to explain which toolkit is correct will not be entirely accurate because I have seen a couple of variations of it. Most of the differences I have seen has been primarily on the screwdrivers or the bag itself. Early backs appeared to somewhat dark green with a strong black tint to them, some had two snaps but I believe these were the case to the very late series toolkits somewhere around 1969 or so. 1971 toolkits bags were black with a single snap and a very low-grade canvas if you would like to call it that.

The reproductions I am making are for the 1965 – 1969 periods and these should satisfy the discerning connoisseur. Meaningful comments and historical accuracy that would enlight others on the subject matter is always welcome and highly appreciated.

The toolkit is available under AIS Front Store



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