Each wiring harness brings with it the peace of mind that only comes from a level of craftsmanship spanning decades.

A certificate of authenticity, laminated wiring diagram and a personal level of support also accompanies each loom purchased.

Lamborghini **
Miura $3,700
3500 & 400 GT $3,900
Espada $3,900
Islero $3,900

**All Harnesses will require non-returnable harnesses

NOTE:   All wiring harnesses are guaranteed to the original pattern either on hand or by the wiring harness provided by the customer.

Wiring Harness Refund Limited to any of the following:

  • Any wiring harness that has damaged, soiled, altered or assembled.
  • Any wiring harness that has been deemed “Used”.
  • Any wiring harness custom built with modifications to fit a particular application. Example: Alternator Conversions,  Anything added/modified that was not factory original or not part of the provided wiring harness by the customer.
  • Any wiring harness that is a limited or single reproduction.
  • Any wiring harness built for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and all Limited Production Vehicles, Call for details.
  • Harnesses can only be returned by the original purchaser.

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