Update: AR*171268 ( The fabrication details)

It is 5:00 am and before I get out of bed and with laptop on hand I am going to post a few more photos and comments before I get my day started with wiring harnesses deliveries.

I am happy to say that 90 days after we started work on AR*171268 all major metal work is completed. Now comes the details that will take some time to sort out and often overlooked. Since we have to replace the floors we also had to make the seat base rail supports as seen on photos below:

The challenge with this process is that it does not matter how good the parts looks after fabrication, but rather the pain sticking process to make sure that all the brackets are correctly aligned for both hight and vertical alignment before they are finally welded in place. Otherwise, if you are a tall person your heat can stick out of the windshield. This appears to be some of the challenges I see restorers make too often.

In addition to the seats, we also had to fabricate and repair a few other pieces along the way.

We had to make a number of other little pieces but I just wanted to highlight a few samples. Next, we will be talking about the final body hand planishing and lead work. Stay tuned.

Since I will be posting ongoing work on this and other projects you all are welcome to subscribe for future automated updates. Thanks for the comments and feedback.


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