The Giulietta Inspection Light

Over the years, conversations regarding the infamous Giulietta Series cars Fuse Board Inspection Service light remains the much talked about a mystery.  The reasons Why? is beyond my scope and comprehension and I do not want to engage in speculative theories. But the fact is that it does exist and I am fortunate enough to have one for just about each of my cars.

The photo below shows a newly made wiring harness with the correct style bayonet attachment for the Inspection light. There are two styles of these lights and this one is for the early interim period car through an early 101 series model. The Service Light Inspection Socket was altogether eliminated on the later 101 series models.

Hope this will enlight and clear some of the mystery surrounding this much talked about item. I will, at a future date post additional information for the 750 series Inspection Light.

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  1. Dave Ward says:

    Hi couple of things, would you have a cigarette lighter for a 1965 spider? Also a wiper arm for my 1964 giulia ss? I encourage you to keep an eye on the items I posts. If I do not post it very likely is not available.

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