Restoration: 1961 Giulietta Spider – AR*171268

Now that we got four cars out of the way and awaiting paint work we are beginning to work on a 1961 Giulietta Spider.

After close inspection, we concluded that there will be a lot more work than anticipated. My point here is that nothing seems what it looks until there is a complete review of the work. President Reagan used to say “trust but verify”. That said, don’t rush and push that bottom until you have knowledgeable and qualified review and opinion.

Work will include new sills, floors, cross members, trunk floor, right side rear quarter panel, front left fender with headlight bucket, reconstructive nose surgery, and replacing the doors and trunk.

It is worth noting that all the metal parts we used on this and all of our projects are made in house.  We are hoping to finish sometime in late January before we begin work on the next Giulietta.

Nothing too revealing as to the amount of work required, but lets see what is in store for us.

A little fender bender on the rear right quarter panel.

Some bondo work on the nose

There seems to be some repairs on the drivers side headlamp area.

Sills looks good. But wait….. there is more to come……

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