Green Giulia SS Sunbathing.

For the past year, I have been making some progress on all of the five cars under assembly, but for some reason, the Green SS work is starting to pick up some steam as of late. I wonder if since most of the SS chrome work is back, and I do not want it sitting around, I have decided to get some of the required assembly going. Here is a link to the ongoing progress at Green Giulia Sprint Speciale

Here is a video of the SS before its new tailored suit.

The door hardware: This by far has been to most challenging, cleaning the window mechanism, replacing the bad cables, and adjusting everything were very time-consuming. Now that all of the door hardware is in place, with windows rolling up and down smoothly, and all door trim and weather stripping fitted it is time to move to the task.

Interior paneling: Here is another time-consuming task, while I am working on wiring harnesses and other work Enrique has been hard at it remaking all of the interior panels. I have decided that these are better done in situ before they are covered. I have seen too many personal liberties at upholstery shops and I do not want to take any chances.

Bright-work: Most of the vehicle’s bright-work was sent out for re-chrome in late November and now that it is back I have opted for installing it as we go along as I prefer to see it on the car rather than on a box or a table.

Miscellaneous pieces: Parts such as Fan Blower, Steering column, Wiper motors interior carpers are done. Some will be installed later, but as always, we run into little annoying details, and we end up bogged down in trying to resolve the details.

More updates are coming soon.

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  1. Lloyd Smith says:

    Wondering where you had your chrome work performed?

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