To Do, or Not to do?…..That is the question!

The quest to complete five cars simultaneously continues at a snail pace. Actually, it is not that I am moving slow – but it is rather that there are millions and millions of parts to clean, restore, inspect, and install and we will get to that part later. For now, I want to share my dilemma as to whether I should had made an absolutely a color correct wiring harness or should I had made it as I do for my clients.

One of the challenges of working with an original harness is that there is no documented wiring diagram.  A color coded diagram makes it a whole lot easier when working and installing a new wiring harness. Regardless of the merits, I made an executive decision to go with all of the original harness correct color codings. The choice of going this route was not altogether simple, making a wiring harness as the original was time-consuming and at times tricky. Will I do it again? Don’t count on it. Nevertheless, the final results are fantastic and I am happy with it.


This is the rear section or tail section of the harness. Note the color difference. Missing is the White/Black and the Yellow/Black for directional signals. Also, note other color differences. On a similar wiring with all newer color scheme, these would have been White/Black, Yellow/Black, Gray, and White


This photo depicts one of the front turn signal and headlight coloring. We’re on the later or newer color scheme for Headlights we would have had Grey and Green. While here these are represented as Green and Red.


Likewise on the relays, can you tell the difference?


Headlight plugs before restoration.


Plugs after restoration. Can anyone recognize what is from with this photo?


Headlight ready to go in.


Now waiting for the Lucas headlight rim.


The starter wires go under the tunnel and back toward the starter. Often times confuse these wires as too long but they are important for slack during engine vibration.

DSC_0949 DSC_0950 DSC_0955 DSC_0956 DSC_0974


Thus far we have restored all of the Lucas, and DeLeon Horn and light relays, wiper motors, toggle switches, headlight buckets, and anything related to the car’s electrical accessories. I am not going to get ahead of myself. All of this and more is for later.

 All photos and materials present on this website are copyright by Auto Italia Sportiva LLC. Unless otherwise noted. Under U.S. Copyright law, Section 107, entitled ‘Fair Use,’ copyrighted material may be used for educational purposes; all materials on and Auto Italia Sportiva LLC. are for educational purposes only. No one shall print or publish our photos or printed material without our written consent or approval. 
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A trip to Remember

A year has come and gone, and I have been so busy that I don’t know where to start. Let me, at least, begin highlighting the most significant events of the year. Well, as I recall I was on my way to Italy, more specifically Padova. My wife, Patricia and I departed to Italy on October 20st, 2015. Nothing was well planned aside from the fact that our first stop was going to be the Auto D’Epoca Feria in Padova. I had no time to sit down in front of the computer trying to figure out where to go. I knew that the first order of business was Auto D’ Epoca, and I also knew all the places I wanted to visit on this trip. I have been to Italy in the past but it was under a structured setting, and the experience certainly was not the same.

We arrived in Italy at the Venice Parco Polo Airport and rented an Alfa Romeo Giulietta with no other definite plans other that my intended mission to Padova. Out of the 11 days spent in Italy, three of them were set aside for Auto D’ Epoca Feria and the remaining days were for leisure. Mestre at Ai Pini Hotel, on the outskirts of Venice, was the base of operations. I tried to book a reservation at a Hotel in Padova to be close the Feria, but all were booked and only the ones available were at a distance and expensive. The stay in Mestre worked very well; Padova was about a 25 – 30 minutes drive every day, and that was not a problem. The day before the Feria we spent the entire day in Venice, and it was wonderful.

We rented this 6 speed Diesel for the trip.


Here where we stayed at Hotel Ai Pini in Mestre.

I got to say that this is an absolute MUST for any car lover. The event truly exceeded my expectations, and I managed to enjoy every moment of it. Because this was my very first time to the Auto D’ Epoca Faria, I had no plans to deviate from my planned schedule. My goal was to locate parts for my current restorations, have a feel for what was happening, get my arms around on the event, and how people completed their transactions. I also wanted to meet the vendors I do business with and also meet with friends, in that respect, it worked as intended. The place was so large that it was easy to get side tracked and thus became disorienting. The good part was that the Pavillions were very well organized and easy to cruise from one Pavillion to another. Thus getting a peak view into the other Pavillions and see what was there made it more manageable. Pat and I spent three days at the Feria and most of those days where spent at Pavillion #8 where the parts and majority of the vendors were located. I must admit that we were done with anything related to cars by the last day of the Fair.

From left to right; Alejandro Marcaccio, Luca De Angelli and me

We had another seven days to do what we wanted; Just got in the car and drove to places we wanted to see. During our visit, we spent time in Venice, Vicenza, Verona, Mantova, Padova, and Treviso and surrounding towns. We wanted to allocate more time in Venice and Mestre, and we divided the rest of the free days between Mestre and Venice.

Wife Pat in Verona

A night in Venice

A day at Piazza San Marco

With that, belated Happy New year to everyone.

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On my way to Padova!!!!!!

For the past few years, I have been focusing on my personal collection and working very hard on my other projects such as wiring harnesses, metal fabrication, toolkits, and other reproductions. Well, this upcoming Tuesday, I am on my way to Italy for a well-deserved vacation. While in Italy, my first destination will be the Auto D’Epoca Fair in Padova.

waiting-padovaI have been wanting to attend for some time now, but other projects and trips have kept me out, but not this time. While there I will be visiting with some friends as well as getting to know some of my vendors in person.

I hope to acquire many of the parts I will be needing for the completion of the first group of five cars I am currently working on before I move on the next projects. Although, I will be away, I will be in touch via text messaging and email with  my clients.

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The Giulietta 750 Veloce tools explained.

Ever since I embarked on making the 750 special tools, available with my reproduction toolkits, I have been bombarded with lots of questions regarding these 750 Veloce series Alfas specialized wrenches. Albeit, it is entirely true that many of us mortals who have been around these cars for a long time have yet to see or hear of these specialized tools, they do exist. I have personally seen them on some occasions, at Forums, listed on eBay, and from people whom I have known for some years. Yet, these remain elusive, just like the infamous BigFoot, who roams the mountains of California and is only witnessed by a hand full of people. But, believe me, this is no Bigfoot, this is the real thing – and although some of you have not seen them, they are real, and they do exist.

Before we get started, let’s clarify what is provided in the Owner’s Manual: What is described in figure #15 to be a 14mm tool is completely incorrect, such tool does not exist. The correspondingly and correct wrench associated with the Veloce toolkit should be a 19mm wrench.

First of all, let me start with some of the comments I get either via email or by phone:

“Hello Lionel,  have seen the Veloce tools you are selling but I can’t find out how they were used.”

Or, “I have been looking at the owner’s manual and the tool you are referring to as 19mm should be a 14mm.”

Or,” I have a 750 Veloce and I never seen that tool.”

Well, you get the idea.

If you happened to own the original Spare  Parts Catalogue (Catalogo Delle Parti Di Ricambi) Vol 2 Carrozzerie RED VOLUME refer to page 292 and take a look at figure:

1) Carburetor tool

Photo below depicts the usage of the 10mm side for removing the 10mm carburetor jet holder. The following photo depicts the usage of the 8mm side for removing the jet inspection cover.

9) Wrench for air intake Screw ( Chiave manovra per presa aria) There is no other wrench that could correctly be applied for removing the cold air plenum since these screws are 19mm in size.

8) Carburetor and air intake wrench ( Chiave a stella per carburatori e presa aria)

Now that we have identified all of these mysterious tools, the next step will be to photographically demonstrate the correct application for each of these wrenches.

Here is a sample of some of these wrenches as posted on the Alfa BB group

This nice toolkit was listed on eBay a while back. While nicely complete and correct the hub cap wrench was modified with an Allen wrench.


Hope that all incorrect and misleading information that has been circulating around is now clarified. Additional photos of the correct application available under The 750 Veloce specialized wrenches applied.

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TZ1 with a new AIS wiring harness hits the market.

Early this year I was contacted for completing a new wiring harness for a Dallas area TZ1. I completed and delivered the new wiring harness to the local shop and now this car is being offered for sale at Fantasy Junction for $1,395.00.  I have completed a fair share of wiring harnesses for Giulietta Sprint Zagato, and Giulietta SZ Coda Tronca models. With the TZ1, almost complete the series of the one of a kind vintage 1960’s racing Alfa Romeo beauties.

All the listed photos Courtesy of Fantasy Junction Advertisement of this vehicle.

Some details of the nicely laid out 6 fuse panel that it is also shared with the 750 series Alfa Romeo and the 250 series Ferrari.

The wire colors are correct in every details. I use the tinned plated copper wire which is more durable and protect the electrical system against corrosion. The best wiring available without a doubt.

Here is another view of the nicely laid out harness which is perfectly bundled to the correct locations. It goes without saying in that part of the job is getting a quality product. Here is is quite evident that Roine Andersson has completed a fantastic installation. Great job Roine.

I have seen  this car in person and it is a wonderful car. I wish I could have one of these sitting next to my Alfa Romeo personal collection.

Additional details about the sale of this car can be seen at Fantasy Junction TZ1


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The 750 Giulietta series Veloce tool-kit now Available

It has been over a year since I first embarked on reproducing the Alfa Romeo 750 series Veloce models toolkit. The new 750 series Veloce model Toolkit is completed and will available only offered exclusively by Auto Italia Sportiva, LLC. Some of these have already been presold and I will have a limited number available for sale.

Photo below show the three additional tools unique to the Veloce toolkit:

10mm/16mm Spanner; 19mm open wrench; and the 8mm/10mm tube wrench.

Upon review of some period Alfa Romeo publications incorrectly note the 19mm as a 14mm wrench see item #15 of early publication below:

Giulietta list of tool bag


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Our parts catalogue just keep growing.

As indicated earlier, we continue to bring a number of parts only available from Italy in the past. All of our product offering are hand built and tested for accuracy and fit made here in the U.S. Here are a few of the newest additions to our catalogue:

Battery Tray: Our Battery Trays are a handsomely spot on reproduction of the original tray in every details.

DSC_0178 DSC_0179 DSC_0180 DSC_0181 DSC_0182


Giulietta/Giulia Spider trunk floors: Our trunk floors are made out of 20 gauge steel and include the gas tank straps supports and sending unit lid.


DSC_0184 DSC_0185


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Expanding our Catalogue

With steady progress, we are continuing to expand our product line with great quality reproductions. Thus far, in addition to our wire harnesses as our top product have expanded to the following:

Structural metal panels for the 750/101 Giulietta series vehicles:

Complete sill kit. Our complete sill kit consisting of 26 pieces total are available for the complete structural support.

Complete sill kit for 750/101 Giulietta series cars

The partial sill kit.

Our 12 piece set is also available when a complete set is not completely required.

Floor pans,

Giulietta/Giulia Series front floor pans.

Trunk floors,
Front floor pan Cross Members

Front Structural support boxes.

SS Snout,

Sprint Speciale Snout

Mudguards 750/101 for all Sprint Series vehicles,
Insulation mats,

An exact reproduction of the original 750/101 inside Firewall insulation mat.

Toolkit set 750/101,

This particular photo depicts the 750 Veloce series tool kit with the additional tools not provided on the Normale series kits.

Toolkit bags 750/101,

Our reproduction tool roll as depicted on photo shown side by side with an original tool roll depicting a faithful reproduction of the original.

Hella Lens 750 series Spider

Our 750 Giulietta Spider License plate Lens is without a doubt second to none. This lens is made of superior quality and clarity.

Convertible belt strap set Spider 750/101

750 Giulietta Series Leather Belts with all hardware.

101 Series Giulietta Spider Man Made Leather Belts with all hardware.


Jack/toolkit belts and metal base 750/101

750 Series Giulietta Sprint Leather Belts with toolkit and Lug nut wrench bracket.

Sprint 101 Series Manmade Leather Straps

Electrical coil boots

Coil, Generator, Water Sending unit Boots. Also, used on Ferrari models 10 – 11 of these same size boots

We are also working on other reproductions and will be listing them soon. Additionally, stay tuned for  our ongoing project of the Giulia Super two pieces Center Heart Grill.  I will have more to say later once our current work in process sample grill is fully tested. This particular casting will go thru an additional three stage process before the final product will be available to the general public. Thus, no pricing will be available until we complete all of our preliminary due diligence.

Note that various sources are being considered as a venue for our products in addition to our online store.

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Full steam ahead Skipper!!!!

It will be hard to explain where we are with this car before I give a proper introduction of what was needed to bring this car to where it is today.

I purchased the remnants of this shell for $100 that otherwise would have gone to the crusher. Many seemed puzzled about my purchase and my motivations. For me, the answer was simple. I have laying around everything I needed to complete the car. Additionally, the car would serve as a platform for our ongoing efforts to test the panels we fabricate. We even went as far as fabricating a Celete like Bench so that we can sit the car thus ensuring that all the structural supports we have either fabricated or replaced will fit within the proper tolerances.

Thus, far, not including the additional efforts we have gone through getting to this point has been at the three months mark. And we are starting to notice the significant improvements. That said, this goes to prove that every car is potentially salvageable at any level. Additional consideration must be clear by the owners that they should be fully cognizant at what expense should they go into before they dive into the financial and emotional abyss. For me, this about having fun and staying busy where the financial considerations have been removed from the equation. Additional photos can be viewed HERE






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The new year started out fast and furious.

2014 ended with a great year, and 2015 is starting out fast and furious. For starters, the new and complete 750 Giulietta Veloce series toolkits will be out within the next two months once the new and final molds are back from the mold maker. We ran a sample and here is an idea of what to expect.

The new Veloce toolkits will include the 8mm/10mm carburetor tube, the 19mm open spanner, and the 16mm/10mm closed boxed wrench. There will be available two separate versions of the same toolkit. One will have the L shape lug wrench for the Spider, and the other version will have the Z shape lug wrench for the Sprint.

The Spider Version with the L style Lugh wrench

The Sprint version with the Z style Lug wrench

Although, it does not necessarily matter which set you choose, the Sprint was fitted with a bracket on the trunk to accommodate the Z shape lug wrench. This option was not provided for the Spider models.

Additionally, since the Veloce toolkit will be a little crowded with the additional tools-I am also offering the longer version pouch most commonly found on the 1900 series cars. What I like about the larger tool roll is that all the tools will fit nice and neatly.

The Veloce Toolkit with the 1900 tool roll

Sprint Veloce Series with the 1900 tool roll

The price for the new toolkit will be available sometime in March priced at $1,500.00 while the 750 Normale and the 101 versions will be priced at $1,200.00.

Other items of interest will be available as well, and I will be listing them in our Store Front section soon as I continue to offer additional products.


All photos and materials present on this website are copyright by Auto Italia Sportiva LLC. Unless otherwise noted. Under U.S. Copyright law, Section 107, entitled ‘Fair Use,’ copyrighted material may be used for educational purposes; all materials on and Auto Italia Sportiva LLC. are for educational purposes only. No one shall print or publish our photos or printed material without our written consent or approval. 
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