The new year started out fast and furious.

2014 ended with a great year, and 2015 is starting out fast and furious. For starters, the new and complete 750 Giulietta Veloce series toolkits will be out within the next two months once the new and final molds are back from the mold maker. We ran a sample and here is an idea of what to expect.

The new Veloce toolkits will include the 8mm/10mm carburetor tube, the 19mm open spanner, and the 16mm/10mm closed boxed wrench. There will be available two separate versions of the same toolkit. One will have the L shape lug wrench for the Spider, and the other version will have the Z shape lug wrench for the Sprint.

The Spider Version with the L style Lugh wrench

The Sprint version with the Z style Lug wrench

Although, it does not necessarily matter which set you choose, the Sprint was fitted with a bracket on the trunk to accommodate the Z shape lug wrench. This option was not provided for the Spider models.

Additionally, since the Veloce toolkit will be a little crowded with the additional tools-I am also offering the longer version pouch most commonly found on the 1900 series cars. What I like about the larger tool roll is that all the tools will fit nice and neatly.

The Veloce Toolkit with the 1900 tool roll

Sprint Veloce Series with the 1900 tool roll

The price for the new toolkit will be available sometime in March priced at $1,500.00 while the 750 Normale and the 101 versions will be priced at $1,200.00.

Other items of interest will be available as well, and I will be listing them in our Store Front section soon as I continue to offer additional products.


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