TZ1 with a new AIS wiring harness hits the market.

Early this year I was contacted for completing a new wiring harness for a Dallas area TZ1. I completed and delivered the new wiring harness to the local shop and now this car is being offered for sale at Fantasy Junction for $1,395.00.  I have completed a fair share of wiring harnesses for Giulietta Sprint Zagato, and Giulietta SZ Coda Tronca models. With the TZ1, almost complete the series of the one of a kind vintage 1960’s racing Alfa Romeo beauties.

All the listed photos Courtesy of Fantasy Junction Advertisement of this vehicle.

Some details of the nicely laid out 6 fuse panel that it is also shared with the 750 series Alfa Romeo and the 250 series Ferrari.

The wire colors are correct in every details. I use the tinned plated copper wire which is more durable and protect the electrical system against corrosion. The best wiring available without a doubt.

Here is another view of the nicely laid out harness which is perfectly bundled to the correct locations. It goes without saying in that part of the job is getting a quality product. Here is is quite evident that Roine Andersson has completed a fantastic installation. Great job Roine.

I have seen  this car in person and it is a wonderful car. I wish I could have one of these sitting next to my Alfa Romeo personal collection.

Additional details about the sale of this car can be seen at Fantasy Junction TZ1


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