To Do, or Not to do?…..That is the question!

The quest to complete five cars simultaneously continues at a snail pace. Actually, it is not that I am moving slow – but it is rather that there are millions and millions of parts to clean, restore, inspect, and install and we will get to that part later. For now, I want to share my dilemma as to whether I should had made an absolutely a color correct wiring harness or should I had made it as I do for my clients.

One of the challenges of working with an original harness is that there is no documented wiring diagram.  A color coded diagram makes it a whole lot easier when working and installing a new wiring harness. Regardless of the merits, I made an executive decision to go with all of the original harness correct color codings. The choice of going this route was not altogether simple, making a wiring harness as the original was time-consuming and at times tricky. Will I do it again? Don’t count on it. Nevertheless, the final results are fantastic and I am happy with it.


This is the rear section or tail section of the harness. Note the color difference. Missing is the White/Black and the Yellow/Black for directional signals. Also, note other color differences. On a similar wiring with all newer color scheme, these would have been White/Black, Yellow/Black, Gray, and White


This photo depicts one of the front turn signal and headlight coloring. We’re on the later or newer color scheme for Headlights we would have had Grey and Green. While here these are represented as Green and Red.


Likewise on the relays, can you tell the difference?


Headlight plugs before restoration.


Plugs after restoration. Can anyone recognize what is from with this photo?


Headlight ready to go in.


Now waiting for the Lucas headlight rim.


The starter wires go under the tunnel and back toward the starter. Often times confuse these wires as too long but they are important for slack during engine vibration.

DSC_0949 DSC_0950 DSC_0955 DSC_0956 DSC_0974


Thus far we have restored all of the Lucas, and DeLeon Horn and light relays, wiper motors, toggle switches, headlight buckets, and anything related to the car’s electrical accessories. I am not going to get ahead of myself. All of this and more is for later.

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