On my way to Padova!!!!!!

For the past few years, I have been focusing on my personal collection and working very hard on my other projects such as wiring harnesses, metal fabrication, toolkits, and other reproductions. Well, this upcoming Tuesday, I am on my way to Italy for a well-deserved vacation. While in Italy, my first destination will be the Auto D’Epoca Fair in Padova.

waiting-padovaI have been wanting to attend for some time now, but other projects and trips have kept me out, but not this time. While there I will be visiting with some friends as well as getting to know some of my vendors in person.

I hope to acquire many of the parts I will be needing for the completion of the first group of five cars I am currently working on before I move on the next projects. Although, I will be away, I will be in touch via text messaging and email with  my clients.

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