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TZ1 with a new AIS wiring harness hits the market.

Early this year I was contacted for completing a new wiring harness for a Dallas area TZ1. I completed and delivered the new wiring harness to the local shop and now this car is being offered for sale at Fantasy … Continue reading

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The 750 Giulietta series Veloce tool-kit now Available

It has been over a year since I first embarked on reproducing the Alfa Romeo 750 series Veloce models toolkit. The new 750 series Veloce model Toolkit is completed and will available only offered exclusively by Auto Italia Sportiva, LLC. … Continue reading

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Our parts catalogue just keep growing.

As indicated earlier, we continue to bring a number of parts only available from Italy in the past. All of our product offering are hand built and tested for accuracy and fit made here in the U.S. Here are a … Continue reading

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Expanding our Catalogue

With steady progress, we are continuing to expand our product line with great quality reproductions. Thus far, in addition to our wire harnesses as our top product have expanded to the following: Structural metal panels for the 750/101 Giulietta series … Continue reading

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The Boot

For some time now, I have been trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to bring back the original style engine compartment boots originally fitted to Alfa Romeo series vehicles as well as many period Ferrari models. After been … Continue reading

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The Giulietta Operating Table

For a while, I have had my heart set on either acquiring or building a Celete like work table capable of aligning and straightening the Giulietta unitized body structure as needed. This new table will come very handy for some … Continue reading

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Interior Selection

Now that we have completed all the cosmetic work on five cars the next step is to sort out and catalog all the interior upholstery. All cars will have their original interior colors and correct upholstery options. See choices below: … Continue reading

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The oven is closed for now

It is now November and soon approaching the end of 2014 were for me, thus far, has been a year of nonstop activity. Although, we have been performing metalwork at our shop for about a little over three years now, … Continue reading

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Update: AR381173 – One bun fresh out of the oven

August 28th was for me the longest day since College where I burned the midnight oil studying for a final exams; that was what it felt like last night. Rigo my painter and I had a respectively  long day of … Continue reading

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The Sprint Speciale Auction Bonanza

The month of August was indeed unusually high with auction activities for the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale. There were a total of seven auctions going on ALMOST simultaneously! That in itself was incredible. I find the SS to be the … Continue reading

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