The Boot

For some time now, I have been trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to bring back the original style engine compartment boots originally fitted to Alfa Romeo series vehicles as well as many period Ferrari models. After been working for some time now with a local machinist who specialises in making molds for injection molding, I had him make me a six cavity injection mold for the most common of the engine compartment boot. The ignition coil, water sending unit and one of the two generator boots. That is a total of four boots of the seven boots fitted into the Giulietta engine compartment. Unlike Ferrari series cars that had eleven of these boots fitted to various electrical devices.

I am also working on the two larger size boots and depending on the general response I will decide whether making these additional boots will be feasible due to the significant cost and efforts associated with such reproductions. At least, due to the amounts required I took a chance with the smaller size boots. Making an effort to bring these cars to their former glory is a priority for me.

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