The Giulietta Operating Table

For a while, I have had my heart set on either acquiring or building a Celete like work table capable of aligning and straightening the Giulietta unitized body structure as needed. This new table will come very handy for some work we have on the works.

We have been working on this one for a while and finally managed to complete the work table thanks to my friend Ludwig, who took on the task of getting the table done. We should be able to get started on a couple of projects scheduled for next year.

Given that the there are differences in the length between the various Giulietta and Giulia models  the work table was built to accommodate all 750 and 101 models.


As we prepare to set on the table the first of our new project for the upcoming year.

More photos at

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3 Responses to The Giulietta Operating Table

  1. Brad Baum says:

    Following your Giulietta restoration efforts has been great. If only your shop wasn’t half a contenent away, I would be dropping in all the time.

  2. spiderdave99 says:

    well done it looks very much like a lightweight version of a celette jig, perfect for panel alignment
    well done again. love following you guys
    all the best

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