Update: AR381173 – One bun fresh out of the oven

August 28th was for me the longest day since College where I burned the midnight oil studying for a final exams; that was what it felt like last night. Rigo my painter and I had a respectively  long day of work. Rigo arrives at the shop around 6:30pm after leaving his day job to get ready to paint the Giulia SS. We have been working on the vehicle preparation for some days now, and we still had to go back and re-check everything  before we moved to the next step. One of the hallmarks of a good paint job is preparation, and that does take the bulk of the time. Taping, cleaning, sanding, checking, and re-checking and so on is a process that goes to the nth of degree and still, we felt that were  leaving details behind, and that was what we felt last night. After the cleaning and the taping was done, the first step was to apply the paint sealer. Rigo is used to paint with both Spees Hecker and Sikkens paint products, and this was his first go around painting with Glasurit products. The Glasurit sealer went on very well, and Rigo likes it. Once the sealer was applied we walked around the car to see how it looks. It looks great. However, we managed to spot some imperfections, and he had to do some block sanding in order to remove the impurities; that was around 2:30am. Now it is ready for the final top coat, and by 3: 45am the final coat of the green paint was on the car. We were both exhausted, and we called quits by 4:00am. I went home for a nap and by 9:00am I was up back at the shop.  After one long year, the paint and body are done. Soon after we finish painting three additional cars we will start the assembly process on all four cars in tandem.  So, one car down and three more to go or maybe even four more to go….



Rigo getting ready for the green primer

Green paint here we go…


It is finally Green again!!!!


I am happy with the final results.


This is what I expect my Green Giulia SS will look like when done. Green with a Camel interior is a rare and stunning combination it makes for a graceful looking vehicle.

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6 Responses to Update: AR381173 – One bun fresh out of the oven

  1. Tony Sigel says:

    It’s such a pleasure to see your outstanding work, Lionel. I hope the transition into your new space has gone smoothly- it seems like you’re keeping projects moving along well. Have a good holiday weekend and catch up on your sleep!

  2. aisllc says:

    Thanks Tony!!! Hope you have a great long weekend and holiday.

    Kind regards,


  3. spiderdave99 says:

    well done looks good, I bet you cant wait to finish it

  4. Your cars look outstanding Lionel. They should show well at the concours, just don’t put them up against each other *L*

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