We have moved

It has been a while since I last updated thegiuliettashop.com progress diaries due to lack of spare time. There is much to report, and I will try to bring all the information at hand to date in no specific order.

Let me start with our last major project which consisted of upgrading the wiring shop. For the past ten years I have been operating classicwiring out of my home garage which I had remodeled with the intent of creating a well lit and comfortable place to work. Since then, I have outgrown the place and relocated to a much larger space where I can have multiple work tables as well as increased storage capacity.

Work in progress at the new shop. Now I can work multiple harnesses at a time.


Working on new looms while getting everything in place.

Orders ready for my July 2014 deliveries.

For me, the hardest part was the move and now I am organizing the space. Now that I have consolidated all of the operations into one common area, our new wiring shop will be in a 8,000 sq ft building.   An adjacent 4,000 sq ft building behind it houses our restoration work shop.  The benefit is that I will be on site 8 to 10 hrs per day thus eliminating the trips back and forth on a regular basis.


My next goal is to hire suitable candidates to help with wiring harness manufacturing and restoration. Until then, I have made the decision not to take on any additional projects and focus on our basic core business.

The future plan is to streamline the process more effectively  to ensure the highest quality standards for all major work such as upholstery, bodywork, painting and mechanical.  Necessary support staff would be hired to work on-site versus utilizing outside parties for essential work.

Our biggest challenge in achieving our goals are outside distractions, therefore our shop will remain as a nondescript building by appointment only at this time and will be closed to the general public.



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