Peking to Paris 2016 – The search for a Packard

Thus far, I continue to soak up everything like a sponge relating to the previous Peking to Paris rallies.  For me, the major challenge is remembering all those unusual names of places that I keep reading about and they are starting to run together.

Now for my updates, I located a car of interest in Denmark and after a number of email correspondences with Viklit,  the owner we were unable to reach agreeable terms for his 1928 Packard.  Yet, I enjoyed my friendly exchanges with the seller and I promised Viklit that I will buy him a beer and a big Texas stake if he make a stop over in Dallas. I keep checking on Viklit’s website where the car still available and even if I don’t use it for the rally I would still love to have at some point.

The 1928 would had been another good choice for a car for the 2016 Peking to Paris.  I have been watching eBay and other upcoming auctions.  There is one coming up in Austin later next month on September 28th for a 1931 Packard Touring.

We have decided to send our son, José, to Maryland this upcoming weekend to bid on this 1936 Packard on our behalf,  Let  see how it goes.

While I was in San Diego, José was at the other end of the country to preview this beautiful 1936 Packard. On Saturday, the auction started as scheduled and the bidding became heated. In short, the bidding went a lot higher than the projected range and we decided to forgo the car. Still, I think about the car all the time, it remains my top choice.

Although I have a preference for earlier models, we have decided on the ’36 model for a for these reasons: 

First, the ERA recommends a later model 1930th vintage car;

Secondly, we would have to go over the entire running gear and suspension which would be pointless to spend top dollars for a car we would have to redo mechanically.

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