Update: AR1493E*06611 – Metal Restoration Processs

It has been a while since I posted on the now famous E06611, the last first series 750 Sprint Veloce.

Finally, after taking the plunge into the unknown territory of metal fabrication with the attitude that I should fear nothing but fear itself, I am starting to develop a comfort zone and a shorter than expected learning curve when it comes to doing my own metal fabrication.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.  Maybe I can finally have the car done before my eightieth birthday so I can drive the car when done.  I also hired a body man with the expertise in metal work and metal planishing, a very rare skill found in this part of the world.  My experience has been that most body men only want to either replace or use bondo on damaged metal.

In order to achieve my ultimate objective I purchased all the tools I needed, learned the process via books and videos and here we go. To my surprise, the learning curve was not as steep as I imagine, just lots of patience.

Enjoy the photos

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