Update: AR1493E*06611 – Floor Pans

Happy to report that progress on my Giulietta Sprint Veloce E0611 is coming full throttle.

As of this Saturday, all the floors are done.  I was lucky enough to stumble into the correct size bead roller needed to make the floor boards and trunk floor strengthening channels by accident, after numerous attempts to find one.

As a result, Carlos and I were able to make the floors from a flat sheet piece of 20 gauge sheet metal using the bead roller machine.  In order to minimize the metal distortion when making the floor pans we made each channel bead by making several passes with the bead roller until the desired channel depth was achieved instead of making the channel with one single pass.

Yet, some distortion ocured, no problem, after that, Carlos finished forming the floor pans and once the pans were made we welded them in place and the final result looks great. We also dressed the big hole that was made in the transmission tunnel to accommodate the larger split case transmission back to its original four speed tunnel case unit.

Additionally, I made one of the supports structures to replace the rusty one that will be welded into place later in the process.

Our next step, will be to make the entire trunk floor.  That is going to be interesting and can’t wait.

Enjoy the photos and wish everyone a Great Holiday.  Stay tuned.


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