Restoration: 1963 Giulia Sprint Speciale – AR*31173

First of all Happy New year to all.  Now the good stuff!!!!

I purchased this Giulia SS in Austin TX last year and decided to do a complete restoration. I knew the car needed lots of work but NEVER imagined to be as much as what I have discovered.

Thus far, I have removed a 5 gallon bucket full of bondo and more to remove.  The entire car was a sculpture made out of Bondo!!!!!!  This car has been in Texas for more that 25 years mostly in the Houston area where it was “restored” by a local shop.  I remember seeing the car in several events back in the 80’s and in fact I have some old photos of the car when it was “restored”.

Now I am going to restore all over and hopefully with significantly less bondo this time around.  The good thing about it is that I can get my money’s worth out of my English wheel.



Once we strip the entire car we will have a better sense what we are in for to be completed.  Thus far I am thinking of making a wooden buck in order to make all four fenders.  Should I re-body the car in aluminum! Very interesting proposition!


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