The oven is closed for now

It is now November and soon approaching the end of 2014 were for me, thus far, has been a year of nonstop activity. Although, we have been performing metalwork at our shop for about a little over three years now, the final results of those years in the making had been just finalized within the past four months.

To begin with, been able to paint five of the six cars we completed metalwork, during the past three years was indeed a major milestone.

The first car we painted was the Green 1963 Giulia SS to its original Green color as depicted on photos as before and after.

Second car painted was the 1961 Giulietta Spider also to its original color Graphite Grey. Lovely color and happy with the results.

Third car was: the 1958 Giulietta Spider Veloce painted Red as original, but I used the Ferrari Rosso, which I find to be a spectacular choice.

Classics towing classics 1958 Spider Veloce being towed by 1973 Wagoneer and 1961 Spider being towed by 1973 Land Rover

Fourth car was the 1959 Giulietta Sprint 2+2 originally Red, but I went Graphite Grey. I am just tired of looking at too many Red Sprints and could not handle another Red Sprint

Photo as I once listed the car on ebay.


Fifth car was the 1958 Giulietta Sprint Veloce 1st series, painted to its original color Azzurro Chiaro Nube, the very last first series car produced as 1493*06611.

Now to the assembly process where I am starting to sort out all the interior work before I place my order for the new upholstery kids. Currently, we have grown to four people working at the shop but for now, our goal is to focus on my personal collection and thus our shop remains a private one. Wiring harness manufacturing, metal fabrication, reproductions and some other specialties will continue to be part of our intended focus.



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  1. gt4me says:

    Nice progress Lionel; stay healthy and keep up the momentum !

  2. spiderdave99 says:

    well done re the ss they are not easy cars to restore
    dave Ward

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