The Giulietta 750 Veloce tools explained.

Ever since I embarked on making the 750 special tools, available with my reproduction toolkits, I have been bombarded with lots of questions regarding these 750 Veloce series Alfas specialized wrenches. Albeit, it is entirely true that many of us mortals who have been around these cars for a long time have yet to see or hear of these specialized tools, they do exist. I have personally seen them on some occasions, at Forums, listed on eBay, and from people whom I have known for some years. Yet, these remain elusive, just like the infamous BigFoot, who roams the mountains of California and is only witnessed by a hand full of people. But, believe me, this is no Bigfoot, this is the real thing – and although some of you have not seen them, they are real, and they do exist.

Before we get started, let’s clarify what is provided in the Owner’s Manual: What is described in figure #15 to be a 14mm tool is completely incorrect, such tool does not exist. The correspondingly and correct wrench associated with the Veloce toolkit should be a 19mm wrench.

First of all, let me start with some of the comments I get either via email or by phone:

“Hello Lionel,  have seen the Veloce tools you are selling but I can’t find out how they were used.”

Or, “I have been looking at the owner’s manual and the tool you are referring to as 19mm should be a 14mm.”

Or,” I have a 750 Veloce and I never seen that tool.”

Well, you get the idea.

If you happened to own the original Spare  Parts Catalogue (Catalogo Delle Parti Di Ricambi) Vol 2 Carrozzerie RED VOLUME refer to page 292 and take a look at figure:

1) Carburetor tool

Photo below depicts the usage of the 10mm side for removing the 10mm carburetor jet holder. The following photo depicts the usage of the 8mm side for removing the jet inspection cover.

9) Wrench for air intake Screw ( Chiave manovra per presa aria) There is no other wrench that could correctly be applied for removing the cold air plenum since these screws are 19mm in size.

8) Carburetor and air intake wrench ( Chiave a stella per carburatori e presa aria)

Now that we have identified all of these mysterious tools, the next step will be to photographically demonstrate the correct application for each of these wrenches.

Here is a sample of some of these wrenches as posted on the Alfa BB group

This nice toolkit was listed on eBay a while back. While nicely complete and correct the hub cap wrench was modified with an Allen wrench.


Hope that all incorrect and misleading information that has been circulating around is now clarified. Additional photos of the correct application available under The 750 Veloce specialized wrenches applied.

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