Arrival of 1959 Fiat 1100 4 door Sedan

Since our first publication the giulietta shop continues to receive a number of inquiries about our metal fabrication, metal restoration, and other related restoration services. Earlier this week we welcomed the arrival of this 1959 Fiat 1100cc four door sedan to our facility. It is a nice little car with its original black paint, fairly straight, and mostly solid body. There were some areas of concern, and so the car was brought to our shop for some repairs.

Here are some photos.

The Fiat is expected to be with us for about two weeks while the rust repairs and metal fabrication work is being completed. All the requested work will be completed without the use of any filler.

The work to be completed can be viewed here .

Additionally, we are in discussions with a number of customers who are interested in bringing their cars in for us to compete some work. Not all of these cars are Alfas and we are very excited to bring in other cars to the mix. Upon completion of the Fiat we will be scheduling some out of state customer cars such as  some 750 and 101 Spiders that will be arriving soon. This is the start of a very busy year as we continue to expand our services and product lines.

Stay tune more to come.



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