1964 Giulia Sprint Speciale – AR*381173




Green Giulia SS Sunbathing. - For the past year, I have been making some progress on all of the five cars under assembly, but for some reason, the Green SS work is starting to pick up some steam as of late. I wonder if since … Continue reading
Update: AR381173 – One bun fresh out of the oven - August 28th was for me the longest day since College where I burned the midnight oil studying for a final exams; that was what it felt like last night. Rigo my painter and I had a respectively  long day of … Continue reading
A day for celebration - Trying to get caught up has become an insurmountable task since returning home from  a well deserved “vacation” in Spain. Note that I included quotations to the word vacation because I did manage to do some work on a couple … Continue reading
Update: AR381173 – The fabrication details - While mapping the work to be completed on any project we tend to overlook the specific details and the SS we just completed was no exception. Some of the important details were either missing or consumed with corrosion. I was … Continue reading
Update: AR*381173 – Body Work Completed - Many, and I mean many, hours of work and Giulia Sprint Speciale 381173 is, I am happy to say is… on its way to redemption.  All the rust has been replaced, all the floors are done, and we are finishing our way around the outside metal. … Continue reading
Update: AR*381173 – Final Stages of Body Work - Work on the SS continues at an incredible pace and now that the undercarriage is completely cleaned of rust, tart, fiber glass as well as paint.  All the rusted body parts have been removed and new parts have been fabricated. … Continue reading
Update: AR*381173 – Restoration & Bodywork Progress - Restoration on Sprint Speciale 381173 started on December 28th, 2012 and as of today we have logged 280 hrs. So, what has been done in 280 hrs? Removing everything from the car except suspension.  Paint stripping, bondo, fiber glass, undercoating, and sand blasting.  … Continue reading
Update: AR*381173 – Fabricating door frame replacments - The SS doors where in a complete state of disrepair and new frames had to be made along with 3 quarters of the door skin on one door and about 1 quarter of the other door.
Update: AR*381173 – Floor Pans & inner sill replacement - Below are photos of the most recent progress on the front and rear floor pan. We opted to preserve as much as the original seat rail support as possible. When we replaced the inner sills support section we punched and … Continue reading
Update: AR*381173 – Metal Repairs - The extensive metal repair process has begun.    
1963 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale Restoration: 1963 Giulia Sprint Speciale – AR*31173 - First of all Happy New year to all.  Now the good stuff!!!! I purchased this Giulia SS in Austin TX last year and decided to do a complete restoration. I knew the car needed lots of work but NEVER imagined … Continue reading



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