1959 Giulietta Sprint – AR1493*20107


1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 2+2 – AR1493*20107

Here is another Alfa that is going through a sheet metal restoration. Here are photos before and during the current work in progress. Fenders have been correctly repaired, new trunk floor is next followed by interior floor work.

This video summarize the final work of my 1959 Giulietta Sprint 2+2


  • Update: AR1493*20107 – Door Work (6/1/2012) - After sandblasting the car interior and some of the rusty structural sections, I have decided to remove and replace the door bottom due to the swiss cheese like conditions. I made the new pieces and they are ready to go. … Continue reading
  • Update: AR1493*20107 – Floor Pans (5/30/2012) - These photos depict the floor work.  We made all the floor pans and other structural pieces and then welded them to the floor using a mig welder. I recently purchased a tig to use instead of mig but yet need … Continue reading
  • Update: AR1493*20107 – Trunk Floor (5/25/2012) - Now that the fender flares are almost done. We are about to finish the trunk floor followed the rear valance and complete metal piece along the trunk line which was damaged due to rust. .
  • Update: AR1493*20107 – Sheet Metal Repairs (5/23/2012) - So far most of the sheet metal fabrication and metal work is virtually completed for 20107 (’59 Sprint 2+2).  Here is some of the latest work on the fender flare replacement for 20107. The series of five photos depicts the … Continue reading
  • Update: AR1493*20107 – Fenders (1/31/2012) - Fenders were damaged and repaired with electrical conduit and braised with bronze and then smoothed with Bondo. All fender flairs have been correctly replaces as original. All welding was completed with Oxi-Acetylene and then hand planished to match original metal. … Continue reading



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