Building a new Giulietta Sprint Veloce Air Scoop

In addition to working on our restoration projects we continue to make inroads with new products that are hard to source.

Our goal is to continue expanding our product line and offer restorers a consistent venue for parts that are hard to source and find. For that reason we prefer to call ourselves a specialty Boutique.

I have to admit that working on these special projects is moving a little slower than I would like  but since we are a two man shop – growing this side of the business is a lot more challenging than I care to admit.

Nevertheless, we will continue to work at the current rate and hopefully we will catch up with the growing requests.

Among our requests, we have completed for an air scoop like the one seen on photos for a Giulietta Sprint Veloce. As expected, due to the lack of economies of scale working with these one of a kind items are challenging projects and often times get expensive.


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6 Responses to Building a new Giulietta Sprint Veloce Air Scoop

  1. spiderdave99 says:

    looks very time consuming to set up
    all the best
    Dave Ward

  2. Gary M Cove says:

    hi lionel werke classic center 2421 boston rd wilbraham mass 01095

  3. Brian Cooper says:

    I was at Gary’s shop last week, The new air scoop came out perfect. Thank you Lionel for your help. My 65 Veloce spider is looking great.
    Happy New Year!
    Brian Cooper

    • aisllc says:

      Hello Brian,

      I am happy that I was able to help. Happy New year and congratulations. It is going to be a beautiful car. “BTW” I love your Colonial Architectural restorations. Great work preserving the early history of the US. If it wasn’t because I will be moving to Spain I would commission you for some of that work, at least on a very small Cottage In Cape Cod.

      Kind regards,


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